Getting the Blues at Collard Hill

On our travels between Montacute House and Wells, Leigh and I passed Collard Hill. The weather wasn’t ideal, cloudy, warm but with a cooling NE breeze. From the road we could see someone on the hill so decided to give it a go.

We soon found a Pyramidal Orchid and had seen a Meadow Brown and Painted Lady so things were looking up.

Pyramidal Orchid

The NT man and his colleague from Butterfly Conservation were telling us that due to the cold winter the Large Blues had only started emerging on Sunday. He was confident that if we found a sheltered spot we’d be lucky. Leading us to just such a place we had a male Common Blue and with a bit of searching Leigh was rewarded with her first Large Blue.

male Large Blue

This male was pretty active and due to the cloud he wouldn’t settle wings open. Oh well, at least we got one.

We had been told that Greater Butterfly Orchid was out on the adjacent Ivythorn Hill. Leigh soon found a couple of spikes as well as 100s of Common Spotted Orchid with a good number of Pyramidal.

Greater Butterfly Orchid by Leigh Adams

Common Spotted Orchid by Leigh Adams


3 responses to “Getting the Blues at Collard Hill

  1. David Gray

    Nice shot Leigh of the orchids!

  2. I hope to be photographing the Large Blue again in 2 weeks time, so the timing looks good to me!!

  3. thedrunkbirder

    Indeed Mark, the Wild Thyme is only just starting to flower. Hoping the weather clears so I can go looking for Southern Damselfly.

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