Hairy and The Fantastic Mr Fox

With rain most of the morning I had a brief window of opportunity this afternoon to get to Dowrog Common. It took me ages to find the right spot and even then I should have tried the second parking area first. No matter as I walked down the lane to the Common itself this Fox was trotting up. There was a brief stand-off while I got my camera out of my bag and fired off a couple of shots. The stand-off lasted a short while longer but as I tried to close the distance he was off. Getting such a close encounter with our urban Foxes country cousins is pretty rare.

Mr Fox

Bouyed by this I carried on down the lane as a superb Golden-ringed Dragonfly shot past, stopped to check me out and then fly off – bugger. Not to be out done though this Hairy Dragonfly was patrolling his beat a bit further down the lane. This time a bit of patience and he did settle – what a cracking insect.

Hairy Dragonfly

On the bog itself I did find a few more Hairies as well as Small Red Damselfly, Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly, Southern Damselfly and this Large Red Damselfly.

Large Red Damselfly

Trying to get any photos of the others was nigh on impossible without sinking, being alone this wasn’t something I wanted to risk. I moved onto the second parking space in Dudley & Mackay’s book. This area looks better but by now the weather was closing in again. I did flush a female Beautiful Demoiselle though but the light was too poor do do a photo justice.

Tomorrow is forecast to be a better day!


2 responses to “Hairy and The Fantastic Mr Fox

  1. Nice photo of the Hairy John.

  2. thedrunkbirder

    That was a grab with the 100-400zoom. I didn’t have time to change from shooting the Fox. I need another camera body so as I’m not having to change all the time.

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