Damsel In Distress

Yesterday after a visit to Pentre Ifan, a neolithic burial chamber and monolith, Leigh dropped me at Afon Brynberian for a spot of dragonfly action. The area is superb for dragonflies and is a stronghold for the declining Southern Damselfly in Britain. I found a few but all my photos were rubbish. No Small Red Damsels on the wing but when I found this female Large Red Damselfly she was being mated by a male. She seemed pretty settled, I thought because she was egg laying. On closer inspection she looks like lunch for this Sundew.

Keeled Skimmer were out here in good numbers, at least eight males on one small pool, all chasing around for a couple of ladies.

After his hanky panky the male seemed reluctant to fly off. Again he’d been caught in a Sundew. Thankfully being a larger more powerful insect he was eventually able to fly off.

At least that male would live to fight another day. With his damaged wing this teneral will probably not make it.

Finally on my way back to meet Leigh the Beautiful Demoiselle were out by the stream, strong light and lots of reflection does not make photographing them easy!


2 responses to “Damsel In Distress

  1. Mark Litjens

    John, I am also on hols in your area and you may be interested to know I had a male Red-veined Darter on Tuesday (15th) on the coastal footpath at approx SM 721 232.

    All the best, Mark

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Hi Mark, thanks for the info… sadly I don’t live out that way. I was just on holiday. Great find though. Was it an adult? We thought we’d seen a Darter on Monday about a 2km further East. Where do you normally watch Dragonflies? I’d like to make contact for possible future trips into Europe.

    Kind regards


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