You Cunt!

Today, I popped into Tesco at Hamilton for a couple of storage boxes for the boot of my car, I only had three items and so I queued in the 10 items or less lane. In front of me was a woman whose basket was fucking groaning with items, I counted about 20 and kept staring at her and then to the basket with no effect. She then got to the checkout… behind people playing by the rules. The conversation then went something like this.

Woman with basket – ‘Sorry, I’ve got too many items’

Checkout woman – ‘Oh not to worry’

Me – ‘No, do fucking worry you bitch. You knew you’d got too many items and you’re making me fucking more and more angry by apologising. You don’t mean you’re sorry – you don’t even fucking care. Your a fucking… fucking CUNT! That’s what you are… and I, I fucking hate you… you… cunt!’

Obviously, as I’m a mild mannered sort of bloke my part of the conversation was purely internal dialogue… but you get the point!


4 responses to “You Cunt!

  1. Hmm first you join the National Trust and now you’re standing moaning in supermarket queues – Grumpy Old Man!!

  2. I bet she plays bloody golf in her spare time.

  3. …. and reads the Daily Mail.

  4. thedrunkbirder

    I doubt she was a golfer… can’t say anything about the Daily Mail but I don’t think she fitted their readership demographic…

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