Chequered Skipper OMFL…

… of Good Beer Guide Pubs.

Having failed to find any emerging Hornet Moth at Loughborough University… the cold and the need for a shit means I didn’t stay out too long, Leigh and I went over to Glapthorn Cow Pasture this afternoon, hoping for Black Hairstreak. A few other hardy souls were valiantly hoping the cold wind would stop blowing clouds across the sky. A few Black Hairstreak had ventured abroad in a brief spell of sunshine about an hour before we got there. Looking at the sky they weren’t going to fly anytime soon.

I did photograph a Mottled Beauty moth, superbly camouflaged against the branches of the Blackthorn.

Mottled Beauty

Desperate for butterflies we went in search of Chequered Skipper at Ashton in Northants. A lovely pint of White Horse, Village Idiot and in true Heston Bloominghell style I invented a new style of fusion food… Pork Scratchings with Mango Chutney. It works, it really does.

The Chequered Skipper

A Chequered Skipper

After this we moved on to Fotheringhay Castle… site of Mary Queen of Scots execution. Not much left there now as the stone was pretty much all robbed out. Shame with the history surrounding the place.




4 responses to “Chequered Skipper OMFL…

  1. Chequered Skipper indeed.
    Well you had me going for a minute!!
    Then I thought you had lost the plot or spent to much time pickling your brain in the pubs!!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Lol! Have you been to Glapthorn yet this year? The brambles aren’t as high… better for photography if the weather was better.

  3. No I haven’t been this year
    If I remember last year the brambles were only belly high??

  4. thedrunkbirder

    That’s about right. It must be two years ago since I last went then.

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