The Drunkbirder’s Bookshelf – Discover Butterflies in Britain

Discover Butterflies in Britain

By David Newland

ISBN is 1903657121

Years ago if you wanted to find scarcer or more restricted  Butterflies in Britain you had to either know someone in the know or just search suitable habitat. In 1996 Dragonflies and Butterflies: A Site Guide by Paul Hill and Colin Twist was published. This book was useful to get you to a site but a bit limited in where to search. This book was expanded a few years later and is still going strong in my library.

In 2006 Wildguides published David Newlands excellent book. At last a guide that could actually get you onto the butterflies as long as you went at the right time of year and in decent weather. It features 66 great sites with maps and photos as well as having a gazetteer with a number of other sites to try. When going looking for butterflies in Britain, this is now one of the first things in the car.

Until yesterday I was unaware that David also runs a brilliant website with updates to the book and some totally new sites… including Ketton Quarry. I only stumbled on this after talking to a bloke at Glapthorn Cow Pastures on Saturday and then subsequently googling  Mountain Ringlet at Irton Fell in Cumbria.

If you’re looking for a specific insect, then first by the book and secondly check out the website.


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