Wild Thing

The late, great Frank Sidebottom teams up with the legendary Charlie Chuck for a version on the classic Wild Thing.



4 responses to “Wild Thing

  1. Superbly bizarre ‘stuff’ from Mr.Sidebottom…..!

    I don’t know anything about the blokes history in comedy and didn’t know he’d croaked til i read yer blog last night John….[a sad loss]…and thanx for the reminder of his ‘work’…!

    ps…never saw any gigs of Franks…..but saw Charlie Chuck once in Leicester doin his ‘thing’ and the man nearly floored me with laughter…[i could hardly hold onto me drink n nearly slid off the bar i was propped against]…!

    Let R.I.P……….

  2. thedrunkbirder

    I saw Charlie Chuck at the Y Theatre must have been 93/94… not laughed as much in years… Donkey! Woof! Bark! Ancient bow-wow!

  3. Through a friend who works with Charlie…[i think at some hospital]?…i got sent some signed stuff from him…[photos]…etc…which was very good of him!

    And by all accounts he’s a very nice bloke…never met him tho…

    That sort of humor is a rare thing and i think that many under-rate or perhaps overlook his ‘work’….[or maybe some just think he’s crap and insane]…..whatever….

    …..[personal taste like everything]….!

  4. thedrunkbirder

    A mate of mine Dave Baldwin lives just down the road from Charlie Chuck and is pretty good mates with him. He is a pretty nice bloke.

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