One For The Kid Listers

Is it just me or does anyone think that whoever is organising access to see the River Warbler at Thorpe-next-Haddiscoe  in Norfolk is being a bit mean? Most of the kid listers who need it will have to be home to bed soon after 6pm…


6 responses to “One For The Kid Listers

  1. marshman

    I would guess it’s just you (or maybe the bird) being mean … if as the pager says the bird doesn’t show until 9pm then sadly kid listers bedtimes can’t be accommodated. Or perhaps I’m being dumb & you’re being ironic.

  2. thedrunkbirder

    I’m being ironic… oh and mean!

  3. marshman

    I was being a little disingenuous too … but then it’s a tiring business sorting out car parking, signposts & trying to persuade the local police that they’re not about to have another rave on their hands! Directions on the pager coming up soooooon …

  4. thedrunkbirder

    When was the last time the police in Norfolk had a rave on their hands? All these kid listers coming down you’ll need a bouncy castle and an ice cream van on site… seriously though, I hope it all goes well on-site.

  5. marshman

    That’s what you would think but only last night as we were out planning access we could hear the sound of an “offical” rave at Strumpshaw (some 6 miles distant) … and then there was the day in August 2000 when my then 2 day old daughter celebrated her 1st night at home to the sound of an unofficial rave 6oo metres up our road!! But I digress – we’ve just had a fab evening – about 250 perfectly behaved birders enjoying the sounds & a little restricted (due to wind?) views – although entertainment was restricted to my 8 year old’s attempts to sell local honey to our visitors. Well. it’s 1.30am. & I can still hear the little beaut belting away from the kitchen door, so I guess we’ll be at it again tomorrow night.

  6. thedrunkbirder

    Well done for sorting access. It is a real bug-bear of mine when people take the easy option and just say no access ‘private site.’ We nearly never got to see the Pacific Diver in Yorkshire and who knows whether the finders of the others would have been confident enough to identify their own?

    Cracking little birds River Warblers… as a Groppers, don’t get me wrong.

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