Purple Emperors

Out to Fermyn Wood this morning in Northants for the Purple Emperors. Steve Houghton had described a good supporting cast yesterday so I was feeling confident. On arriving it was already bloody hot and the Emperors were flying about all over the place. Getting one settled though was another matter.

With plenty of other butterflies on offer I stopped at suitable locations and waited to see what would come down. Ringlet were all over the place but again very skittish. I did manage a couple of shots though.



The most visible butterflies had to be the numerous White Admiral, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many in one place.

White Admiral

White Admiral

White Admiral

A few other vanessids were coming down to the path and feasting on the dog shit conveniently left by the owners… the first time this year I’m not moaning.

Small Tortoiseshell

Red Admiral

There were also plenty of skippers about mostly hiding in the grass but this Large Skipper posed quite nicely allowing me to photograph from an unusual angle.

Large Skipper

I was very disappointed not to see any White-letter Hairstreak despite Steve getting good photos yesterday. The only Purple Hairstreak I saw was a scope view in someone’s scope.

The Purple Emperors though just would not play ball today and these are my best efforts.

Purple Emperor

Purple Emperor

Other notable insects around were Brown Hawker, Common Darter and a superb Hornet that just would not settle in the open… bugger!


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