Med Gull

After work I took the camera out to Cossington Meadows with some hopes of photographing Dragonflies – no such luck – it was a bit too windy and/or the Brown Hawkers just wouldn’t settle. Checking out Tern Pool and Upper Marsh for waders including Dave’s Wood Sand – happily still there. I checked out the Gulls and Terns loafing on the mud on Tern Pool and straight away clocked a juvenile Mediterranean Gull – fucking result. That’s 136 for the year and 171 for the Soar Valley life list.

Unfortunately because I was only thinking about insect photography, I hadn’t put the big lens on the camera and I was travelling light so no photos I’m afraid.


5 responses to “Med Gull

  1. Much the same words that I use every time I find a Med. And usually at volume. Top bird.

  2. Yes-I see one or 2 of these ocassionally along the Beach at Kessingland-from Lowestoft right down to Southwold I suppose and not forgetting the Broad at Benacre Which I think is a salt water marsh during the Summer and fantasic for lots of wading birds-the Sailors pub is a good one for several jars before setting out-lol.
    What about that bloody golf show on the BBC Sunday afternoon-7 and a bloody quarter hours worth of blokes walking across windy greens and hitting balls around and swinging their hands in the air and smiling-looking like complete and utter pricks and the millions of pounds prize to top up their already fat bursting bank accounts-

    Has Tiger pranged another Humvee round a Lamp-poor fucking lamp post.


  3. thedrunkbirder

    Juvs are a bit scruffy though Thing… still a nice find though.

  4. David Gray

    John, I’m not convinced it was a Wood Sand now! I now think it was just a very well marked Green Sandpiper!!

  5. thedrunkbirder

    Well there was a Wood Sand at the back of Upper marsh on Monday evening. Only one Green Sand seen.

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