Nature Alive

One of the beauties of my job is travelling around Leicestershire and on my way to work this morning I stopped in at the wonderful Nature Alive in Coalville. This brownfield site is an excellent example of what can be done. There is plenty of water and a load of viewing platforms/board-walks over water – excellent for getting close to Dragonflies.

As this morning was generally cloudy with some breaks I was hoping to get some perched Hawkers – sadly the only Ode resting was this Common Blue Damselfly.

Common Blue Damselfly

A good showing, well I think so, of Oxford Ragwort held hordes of hungry Cinnabar Moth caterpillars.

Cinnabar Moth

Good numbers of Butterflies were on the wing during sunny spells.



Green-veined White

If you’re passing Coalville on the A511 by-pass and have a bit of time to spare – drop in to Nature Alive, turn towards Coalville at the McDonalds roundabout and then right into the Aldi car park to find the entrance… I doubt you’ll be disappointed. I will certainly be visiting much more often.


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