What The Fuck?

What the fuck is going on these days? A pager message today read as follows: Essex Southern Migrant Hawker till 12.15 Hadleigh Castle Ctry Park when taken by a collector claiming it was ‘for the British Museum.’ I doubt that the British Museum would do something so reckless… please someone from the BM please deny you collected it.

It really beggars belief that someone would still do this today. It’s not as though the ID was in any doubt. I think, I’d have be hard pressed not to push the cunt into the water… accidentally of course, ‘for the good of society.’

On a slightly different note I managed to get to see the Common Hawkers at New Lount. They are now firmly on my County list. I was pretty sure I had a male a few years ago but couldn’t get it settled to clinch the ID.


12 responses to “What The Fuck?

  1. I agree with your title entirely – what a loser, stuck 100years in the past

  2. I whole heartedly agree, this is wrong by any yard stick you choose to use. I hope that whoever it was is hounded to hell, surely the BM cannot be involved.

    Keep up the good work

  3. thedrunkbirder

    I would have photographed him – as he got out of the water – and plastered it all over the internet. Makes me so angry that some dozy twat still collects insects in this way.

    I suspect the law would not protect Southern Migrant Hawker as it is not a UK BAP species it is not proven to have bred and therefore probably can’t be described as threatened or placed on the schedule.

    What a moron!

  4. I wonder if anyone has contacted the land owner. If hes fishing/hunting/collecting on land without permission he could be done for theft

  5. thedrunkbirder

    I guess whoever it is has got away without too much hassle other than obviously being challenged by whoever put the report in to RBA. Congratulations to RBA for reporting this abhorrent behaviour.

  6. I wonder if that is true what you say about UK law regarding protection…?
    i guess you might be right….unfortunately..!

    Hard to believe…[if this incident is true]…that the BM is involved…more likely it was just some verbal ‘guff’ from the collector in order to give himself a bit of authority…obviously i don’t know…[i wasn’t there]…

    ps…i refuse to get ‘hot under the collar’ and reserve the right to withhold any verbal venom that i might have towards ‘the collector’ until ‘we’ know more about said happening….!

  7. David Gray

    Very restrained Beast! and as John has said What a Moron, Wanker, Cunt and Bastard!!

  8. Moronic? yes, without a doubt but are we concerned that this individual has collected an insect or or we concerned that he has collected that particular insect? Collecting of insects in this way is still prevelent even in our own county. Agreed it could be of certain scientific merit but there are plenty of ‘collectors’ that seem to thrive on this somewhat Victorian method. Even with my modest garden moth trapping I admit to a few casualties during a season. They offer no scientific merit at all but are a sad consequence of an interest in most entomological orders. The (very important) Rothamstead project relies on dead insects!! Amateurs are collecting to determine species by genitalia. Is this the same as our chap in Hadleigh Castle?? Who knows………..But I am totally against the collecting/killing of any living thing whatever it improves our scientific knowledge or not. It ain’t big, it ain’t clever but I suspect there are several people who will want to take me to task on that……….

  9. I meant to say whether it improves our scientific knowledge not whatever. But you get my point guys.

  10. Very disappointing. I wonder why no-one did anything at the time? It is so easy to shrink away and be a keyboard warrior after the event. There’s no way I would have let this happen if I had been there (especially as the dragonfly murderer looks a bit weedy;). Another thought crossed my mind. Do you think this is the first dragonfly he has impaled? I’d guess he probably has all sorts of insects on pins at home and maybe some illegal stuff amongst that? Keep up the good work DB, always a good read. Mike

  11. thedrunkbirder

    Where’s the photo Mike? I haven’t seen it yet.

  12. The photo is on post #86 of this thread on BF. Such a shame! Mike


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