Saw a Daily Mail today where they were giving away an I-Spy book to every reader. Sort of made me wonder what sort of things the Daily Mail would have you spot. I guess that Illegal Immigrants would command a good score as would yobs, hoodies and Terrorists.

I also suspect that you could score highly for speed cameras or police with nothing better to do than pick on motorists. Oh yeah, what about Middle Lane Drivers who won’t get out of the way as you try to drive through them with your fucking Merc.


3 responses to “I-Spy

  1. none of those would give you more than 3 points John!


  2. thedrunkbirder

    Have you got the book Oscar?

  3. Being the Daily Mail it was bang up to date of course. The petrol station picture was showing the price of unleaded at about 77p. Can someone tell me where that station is?

    Not that I am so sad that I looked through the whole thing. Oh no.

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