Southern Migrant Hawker – A Statement From the BDS

The following statement was issued by the British Dragonfly Society regarding the collection of the Southern Migrant Hawker. I think the outcome should be beneficial for all – especially future migrant Dragonflies.

The BDS has now concluded its investigation of this incident and the following statement should appear on our website soon.

Since so much discussion about collecting has happened on this group, I thought it only right that you should be some of the first to be informed.

Best wishes to all
Dr Pam Taylor
BDS President

BDS statement:-
Southern Migrant Hawkers, including ovipositing pairs, have been found in Essex and Kent in recent weeks. There have been only four previous records of this species in Britain. It has come to our notice that one of up to ten present at Hadleigh Country Park, Essex, was collected on 3rd August. The BDS had no prior knowledge of the individual’s intent, but has now fully investigated this incident.

The individual concerned has written to the BDS and admits collecting the Southern Migrant Hawker, but had no idea it would upset so many people. He now realises that he has transgressed the Members’ Code of Practice on collecting dragonflies and has offered to resign his membership of the BDS. He has also offered his most sincere and humble apologies to the BDS and to everyone else he has offended by his actions. As a result of this incident, he has decided to put away his net forever and take only his binoculars into the field with him in future. The BDS hopes that others who might be tempted to consider collecting dragonflies, other than for valid scientific purposes in line with the Code of Practice, will take note of the adverse reaction that this incident has generated. This statement and the apology above from the gentleman involved should bring this matter to a close.


2 responses to “Southern Migrant Hawker – A Statement From the BDS

  1. Blimey…i feel sorry for the collector now…!

    Interesting debates on collecting passions/obsessions on the various blogs n forums…[most folk seem to agree that ‘sometimes’ obtaining a specimen is necessary]…and i wouldn’t disagree with that…

    ps…so you had a camberwell beauty eh John..? Lucky dog…[nice one]…! You had no chance of pinning it down then…?

  2. thedrunkbirder

    No chance with the Camberwell, as I said to Brian, we can’t rule out a breeder releasing a few… was right time of year though for a migrant and butterfly news isn’t anywhere near as good as Birdnews or even Dragonfly news so who knows what’s out there…

    Steve Lister had a Silver-washed Frit at Swithland Res so owt can pass by.

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