Eric Sykes’s Wobbler

Congratulations to the finders and identifiers of this mega rarity in Northumberland and for getting the news out promptly to allow twitchers to  get up there yesterday. I couldn’t really begin to start negotiating a day off work as due to holidays we’re a bit short anyway and also that I’d have been negotiating while actually being on site.

Twitching though is something of a love/hate thing for me… great when you do go and get the bird, not so bad if I don’t go and hurtful when I could go, but don’t, then do go and dip (ECW anyone). What does piss me off somewhat though are the braggarts, the money is no object kind of guys. The ones who just fuck off work, partners, family etc etc and then go on and on about how much money they’ve spent. Well if I’d as much disposable income as Garry Bagnell I’d pay a photographer to get a decent fucking shot of a Sykes’s Warbler (scroll down a bit) and post that on  Surfbirds instead of a blurry photo of a bush. Garry, just what was the point? It’s not a fucking penis extension you know. Oh and if you fancied going on Garry’s blog and being regaled by how much he’s spent on the twitch, you can’t… unless you’re a sycophantic member. What a sad loser!


15 responses to “Eric Sykes’s Wobbler

  1. Mr.Bagnell to one side…..[don’t know the guy]….i wouldn’t worry too much about the sykes warbler…[am guessing that they would have had to have netted the twat before they could be sure of the ID]….just going on what i’ve read about the Green Farms Scilly bird that was thought to be this species…….until they netted the twat…

    Does…or did?…look an interesting bird and it may well have been a sykes…i dunno…..difficult species to be 100% sure….not that that would bother some folk…each to their own tho…’no rules’…[is that a rule]..?

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Hi Beast… I’m not worried about the bird one bit really. I saw the Green Farm bird only a day or two after seeing the Booted on Bryher (a lifer then). It looked quite different in the field, great in photos and like a Booted in the hand. Oh well!

  3. No rules? Then I’ll tick it as a Sykes’, and I didn’t even see it.

  4. Fuckin chuckle…you av it Andy!…..don’t let the small matter of not actually seeing the little pile of grey feathery shit get in the way of a tick….

    ps…i stepped in a grey feathery pile o shit in a barn the other day and it deffo called like a sykes warbler….can i tick that..?

    pps…i like hippo warblers really….!

  5. That seems just as ‘valid’ as ticking it when no-one really knows what it was for certain. Oh no, wait, Lee says it was a Sykes’ so it must have been. Good enough for year listing purposes anyway!

  6. thedrunkbirder

    I don’t want this in anyway be a debate on the identity of the bird… it was a rant about a shite photo from Mr £££’s just to prove he’d been. To be honest Gary Bagnell’s photo could easily show a Garden Warbler at Beachy Head!

  7. Just looked at Gagnell’s stunning shot of an out of focus bush on Surfbirds – ooh, ooh, look at me everyone – I’ve seen a Sykes’ Warbler! Twat.

    Actually I don’t think he saw it at all – he seems to have gone to somewhere called ‘Druridgye’ according to his caption.

  8. thedrunkbirder

    Yes that’s the well know migrant hot spot in West Sussex… probably! Why post that really?

  9. Oi I called it Eric Sykes warbler first. Typical ‘comedian’ nicking material.

  10. You could go for a literary allusion and call it Bill Sykes’ Warbler instead. Ha ha.

  11. thedrunkbirder

    Sorry Mark. Good title though so thanks.

  12. David Gray

    Is this the same person who twitched a Song Thrush on Shetland?! Prat comes to mind!!

  13. Desert Storm

    I suppose its about time those that didn’t go started to claim it wasn’t one/not identifiable in the field!!

    At least I heard it Tack, Tacking!! And I suppose I can’t have seen the Eastern B because that was calling as well????

  14. Come on boys let’s have no bitchin ;-). Like LGRE Gary thrives on piss taking!

  15. thedrunkbirder

    It was the same person who twitched Song Thrush on Shetland…

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