Bare-naked Birding…

or naked birding.

As they say in films, this post was inspired by real events. I was reading the excellent new blog from Martin Garner – Birding Frontiers – where he talked of ‘naked birding’ at Spurn. It’s okay ladies, he meant birding without telescopes, cameras and the likes. In truth though that is only semi-naked birding.

The softcore stuff is actually  going out without any optical aids, with the exception of specs or contact lenses. The theory being you see more birds as your field of vision is larger. Jim Williams from the Star Tribune in Minneapolis explains more here. I suppose that most of us do a bit of naked birding a lot of the time and yes it works. I see or hear a lot of species when I’m out and about and I record anything interesting. I certainly wouldn’t make a habit of naked birding though as from personal experience not having your optics, a mistake not a planned event, can prove very costly when you do find what you strongly suspect to be a BB rarity and County mega!

The more interesting side to this would be what about proper, full on, naked birding? You know, no clothes, hardcore stuff. Well I guess I have done a bit in my time. Once again ladies, thankfully there are no photos. Whilst on holiday in Fuereventura about 10 years ago I regularly visited the dunes area of Corralejo to sunbathe during a winter sun holiday and yes I did go full monty… after some of the nudists I saw I felt I had little to be ashamed of.

My hardcore naked birding list therefore includes birds such as Whimbrel, Little Egret, Kentish Plover and Trumpeter Finch. Who knows, I may get round to uploading the full list to BUBO Listing!


2 responses to “Bare-naked Birding…

  1. I’ve got Crested Lark, Alpine Swift, Yellow-legged Gull and Little Egret on my naked list all from Crete, though it has to be said I think I’ve come across more naked people whilst birding rather than birds whilst being naked but that’s a whole other, er, ball game as it were.

  2. thedrunkbirder

    I hope you were totally naked Alan? I don’t think taking bins, scope and camera onto a nudist beach would endear you to other users!

    I’ll work out my full list. It’s quite impressive… about the only thing that was on that beach. Urrgh, Leatherback Germans… not nice!

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