Best British Beers – My Top 10 – So Far

After drinking a few pints of Britain’s Champion Beer of 2010 – Harvest Pale – last night, as well as a pint of Titanic Iceberg; I thought it was time to draw up a Top 10. My favourite beers are hoppy/dry beers and I’m very fond of an IPA. I’d love to find an Indian Restaurant that serves a good IPA instead of Cobra or Kingfisher. The best bet so far is to take a couple of good IPA’s to the Tandoori Empire in Quorn.

Here’s the list so far:

1. Jaipur IPA 5.9% – Thornbridge

2. Hophead 3.8% – Dark Star

3. Harvest Pale 3.8% – Castle Rock


4. Proper Job IPA 4.5% – St Austell

5. Barnsley Bitter 3.8% – Acorn

6. Beacon Bitter 3.8% – Everards

7. Titanic Stout 4.5% – Titanic

8. Landlord 4.3% – Timothy Taylor

9. XB Bitter 3.7% – Batemans

10. Batham’s Mild 3.5% – Batham

The top three are going to be pretty hard to shift and I guess are definitely ranked in order of preference. The others are in no strict order really and could quite well change if I try something new… problem is when you drink a beer at a beer festival and like it, it is often hard to regularly get a pint down the pub. All the beers on the list are all pub based beers which I prefer being pulled through a tight sparkler. A bottled beer list would be very heavy on the IPA front and a world list would probably be all IPA save for a Lambic or two.


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