The Biggest Twitch – The Show

by Alan Davies and Ruth Miller: Events Marquee – Birdfair at Rutland Water.

The Biggest Twitch

Just how far would you go to break a world record? Some of us might just contemplate a few days in a bath of cold baked beans or trying to get a lot of bees to form a beard. Alan and Ruth would give up their jobs, sell their lovely house and spend a year birding the world to see as many species as possible but aiming for James Clements world record of species seen in one year, 3662 birds!

Add to this the fact the Ruth and Alan would spend a whole year together, tensions were bound to surface, in the half hour at the Birdfair Ruth spared us some of this. So what of the talk? Well it was a whistle stop tour of the world’s birds. I certainly learned that Marabou Storks don’t respect twitchers – depositing a fish dump on a group of birders. Thankfully we didn’t learn what two birders can do in the nude for an hour in Addis Ababa for an hour – I would have hoped for a bit of naked birding!

When I asked who would play Alan in the film he said it would have to be Daniel Craig, given the chance to play along side Daniel for a whole years worth of birding including a nude scene I asked who would play Ruth… a withering look from Ruth told me all I needed to know… Ruth would be playing Ruth and doubtless adding to the script!

Thankfully Ruth was able to relax on the tour in a Tea Garden in Turkey while ticking Pallid (Striated) Scops Owl. Alan realised a childhood dream by ticking Harpy Eagle in Brazil to get the to almost 3000 birds.

Events in Peru, their ground agent did a no show, leaving the pair to sort everything out themselves, didn’t dampen their enthusiasm nor did Alan’s sea-sickness off Cape Town.

The time really flew by, sorry, bad pun and I was left wanting more… Did they make the world record?  Thankfully I’ve got the book to review and Alan and Ruth are booked come and talk to the LROS group on 4 November 2011. Mark it in your diary as it should be a great two hours!


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