The Drunkbirder Slams Selfish Rarity Hunters

Another late Sunday mega, well two but as real British listers don’t twitch Ireland we won’t count that, as a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper was found at Patrington Haven. This follows hot on the heels of last Sunday’s Sykes’s Warbler in Northumberland.

Don’t these rarity hunters do any birding on Fridays and Saturday? It’s no good finding a rarity on a Sunday afternoon and then releasing the news. I can’t get there on the day and some of us lazy fuckers have to work on a Monday… we can’t all just swan off birding you know and there are no flu viruses going round at the minute to use as a lame excuse.

So come on, play it with straight bat and get out there before the weekend. Let all us idle Twitchers share your rarities with little or no fuss.


7 responses to “The Drunkbirder Slams Selfish Rarity Hunters

  1. You don’t need that do you John?

  2. thedrunkbirder

    I do, dipped one in North Wales, couldn’t go to Kent and now Yorkshire. I need Sykes’s as well…

  3. Found by Spurn wader supremo John (Linford) Grist. You won’t find owt pressing flesh at the Birdfair John!

  4. thedrunkbirder

    Thanks Mark! 😉

  5. David Gray

    Or down with the Kids at V Mark ;-]

  6. Bastards! – I was near Berwick on Tweed that day and as I did not visit an internet cafe, I never knew!

  7. thedrunkbirder

    I didn’t think you still twitched stuff Oscar? Maybe those old longings are still there and you need a fix… just a bit of recreational twitching eh?

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