MiTunes – All Killer (Queen) No Filler

It’s a while since I’ve done a MiTunes post so high time to put that right. I guess straight off I should dedicate this post to Chris Meads and my Brother-in-Law Matthew for very different reasons.

Sheer Heart Attack was Queen’s third studio album released in 1974, it seamlessly combined all that was great about Queen, superb hooks and fantastic vocals and lyrics driven on by a sublime rhythm section. It also took Queen away from the more pomp Prog. albums Queen and Queen II and introduced a mix of Pop and even Vaudeville. Misfire even has a bit of a Reggae feel.

The title of the post says a lot about what I think of the album, it is brilliant from start to finish but if there are two stand out tracks then they are tracks 1 and 2: Brighton Rock and Killer Queen. I guess everyone has a favourite Queen album and this just might be mine, Queen II runs it close though.


4 responses to “MiTunes – All Killer (Queen) No Filler

  1. Killer Queen for me John. Good memories.

  2. Stone Cold Crazy. What an absolute belter.

  3. Matthew Adams

    I think I physically resemble Freddie more in his later albums plus ‘tache.

  4. Killer Queen – probably the first track that I heard that set me rocking! (it also could have been Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy though!)

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