Vismigging – 25 August 2010

An early start this morning to get a couple of hours in before I had to go to work. I was at the Mammoth in Watermead Country Park by 06.00 and curiously there was no sign of Dave Gray. Obviously the excitement of coming second on a Spotted Crake and losing the race to 140 had been all too emotional.

Some interesting movements, I’m still learning what’s a local movement and what’s not but the picture is becoming clearer. The points of discussion from this morning are a total of 22 Mallard flew strongly SW – these did not come off the water as I tracked them coming down the Valley.

Swifts continue to baffle but it seems that birds move in from the N and then a flock builds over the Nature Reserve lake before a few at a time they drift of South. Later in the day movements may well be more direct only continued observation will prove this.

What was the Turtle Dove doing heading North?

When there was a flock of 24 Greenfinch present what was happening with the one obvious migrant?

Totals: 06.00-07.30

Swift 48

Mallard 22

Teal 2

Cormorant 2 NE

Greenfinch 1

Tree Pipit 1 (141 for the Soar Valley yearlist)

L B-b Gull 1

Turtle Dove 1 NE

Alba Wagtail 3

A Field Vole that scuttled across the path just below the Mammoth was a nice site tick.


2 responses to “Vismigging – 25 August 2010

  1. David Gray

    Sorry John, but didn’t get out of bed until 7.ooam!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    A bit like I didn’t get up this morning!

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