Well Almost.

Stung by Dave Gray getting himself mixed up with a cracking County bird – the Kentish Plover – I had to head down to the Soar Valley yesterday to try for something myself. On the way round I stopped of at Watermead South to see if the fugitive from DEFRA’s law was still present. It wasn’t at least I didn’t see it, maybe the Atlantic style breakers on the main lake that had been whipped up by the wind had forced it to shelter/flee.

Cossington Meadows was even worse, well with the exception of an Osprey that drifted Northwest as I started up the track. More interestingly, as I scoped the Osprey was the revelation that at least 20 ‘white’ Butterflies (they looked pretty much like Large White) were migrating, taking a steady path SE. They were flying at a height of about 20m and strung out in a line. I stayed and scanned for a while longer but no others moved through. More vismigging in action.

There was bugger all else around. Passage waders consisted of one juvenile Ringed Plover on Tern Pool. A Snipe was also present on Upper Marsh but that was about it. No sign of the Spotted Crake either.

Disappointed I headed off home via the Melton Road and Ambica Sweet Mart. Leigh had asked for a bit of Dokra but I also spent a small fortune on a good range of Indian savouries… my favourites being a couple of ‘bombs’ and a couple of stuffed chillies.


10 responses to “Rubbish?

  1. You may have condemned the Blue billed lothario to its death by innocently listing it on your Bubo listing on your front page.

  2. thedrunkbirder

    I reckon they’re all well fucked anyway!

  3. David Gray

    Bloody Hell John, you kept the sighting of the Osprey quiet!? ;-]

  4. thedrunkbirder

    Wasn’t much point in disturbing your beauty sleep and they are hardly exciting nowadays thanks to the releases.

  5. Marcus Lawson

    Hello John,
    Apologies for taking a while to reply to your question as to wether or not I will be visiting the Shetland Isles this Autumn. I’m happy to reply in the positive and have a week booked from the 25th Sept. Have you any plans?

    One of my local pubs held a beer festival over the weekend and was stocked with 75 Ales from around the country. I attended the event on Sunday and managed to sample half measures of one third of these. I didn’t do my homework as all three of your faves were available and I only had the Castle Rock Harvest Pale, annoyed that I didn’t try the Thornbridge Jaipur IPA. The only other of your top 10 beers to feature was Timothy Taylor Landlord which I often have in our local near work. It’s a shame as it’s a lovely boozer (work local not home local) but I don’t think they serve the beers to their full potential. They’ve had Proper Job as a guest recently which is certainly most enjoyable. Annoyingly there is a cavernous, soulless Weatherspoons nearby which has loads of guest beers and in very good nick too, last week I had a wonderful pint of Little Scotney from the Westerham Brewery (Kent) which was pretty close to perfection for my tastebuds.

    At the festival there was a rather interesting beer called Bowman’s South Sea Spice which was quite gingery with a hint of lemongrass, probably not a session beer but might go well with a curry.

    All the best

  6. Will our paths cross Mr Lawson? The Llama and I arrive around midday on the 2nd.

  7. Marcus Lawson

    Impeccably timed Mr Reeder, my flight departs at 11.45!

  8. thedrunkbirder

    Marcus, Dave and I arrive with your brother in tow on the 1st… a good Shetland Bird Club talk planned for that night. Chris Gooddie on his quest to see all the Pitta’s… I saw a few down the local kebab shop!

  9. Marcus – we actually arrive at 10:50 if the flight’s on time, so we may see you briefly in the airport!

  10. Glad you’re on the ball Andy I couldn’t even remember if I’d booked my flight the other week !!! A very senior moment!

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