Hurricane Earl

Forecasters are predicting the worst hurricane series in years which whilst being bad news for the residents of America’s Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coasts it could well be good news for us birding here in Britain. I’ll take any of these three on Scilly this autumn: Northern Parula, Common Nighthawk and Green Darner. Obviously, I’m not going to turn down many other Yanks especially as a finder.

Check out the storm forecasts here.


3 responses to “Hurricane Earl

  1. Is there any real statistical evidence for ‘bad’ hurricane seasons equalling ‘good’ years for Yanks in Britain, or is it just a birding myth? I’ve often wondered whether, in the worst Atlantic storms, birds carried out to sea by the wind tend to die rather than make it all the way here. I can remember many occasions on Scilly when a promising-looking ‘huge low’ produced fuck-all, especially when accompanied by lots of rain, and several occasions when Yanks turned up on ‘nothing’.

    Whether it actually happens or not this year, in the meantime I’ll take a Lapland Bunting in Leics please!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Hi Andy, I don’t think anything’s 100% proven but we do need those fast moving winds couple with a whole lot of other factors.

    I’d be vismigging like crazy from dawn every day if you want to add Lapland Bunting. They must surely be passing through. Have you looked a Martin Garner’s website Birding Frontiers?

  3. Oh no it’s that time of year again when every birder fancies himself as a bit of a Bill Giles. The only thing that you can guarantee from hurricanes is that it’ll be fooking windy and unless the windy wind stops they’ll be no chance of any birding! I’m on the side of the Llama I think the really bad storms cause the poor blighters to drop in the Atlantic.

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