Purple Patch

Leicestershire and Rutland seem to be going through a pretty good spell of late on the bird front. Rutland Water hadn’t really been hogging the headlines but today, the relocation of Purple Sandpiper had me heading off after work. Luckily I was on the right side of Leicester so my trip wasn’t too painful.

Steve James was already at the Old Hall and we were soon watching the Purple Sand. Steve was keen to get White-winged Black Tern on his list so we started watching the distant Terns in South Arm III. Due to the sun our best strategy was to watch a spot and wait for the bird to fly through. It didn’t take too long and we followed the bird as it fed into the wind and then shot back right to start again. The juvenile Whiskered Tern was soon picked up doing a similar thing. A bit like last year at Farmoor a good chance, albeit distant this time, to compare a range of Marsh Terns in immature/juvenile plumage.


4 responses to “Purple Patch

  1. It certainly is a purple patch – 12 consecutive days so far with at least one scarce or rare bird on the LROS bird news page (7 birds in total). Many local birders have had two or even three county ticks – I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to update the listing page!

  2. Three for me despite missing the Kentish. Long may it continue – can I order an American Goldie?

  3. thedrunkbirder

    A Pacific Goldie would be better…

  4. Can i order Goldie Hawn….?

    ps…seriously tho…yeah..it’s been an excellent purple patch…which i find far preferable to the fuckin brown patches that i’ve just had to avoid stepping in round me local patch….[cunts]….they is gonna find their bastard dog poo smeared on their windscreens when they return from exercising their pooches next time….either that or i’ll shove it up their tail-pipes…

    pps…totally unnecessary sweary rant over…[have a nice day]…!

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