Birder’s Dictionary – No1: Arse Crow

1. A piece of hardened shit that has grabbed onto a pubic hair in the anal region as a result of a poor wiping technique; sometimes fortified with toilet paper. See also winnit, a dangleberry, tag nut.

2. slang Nottinghamshire: A House Crow, a very suspect bird twitched in Cobh, Ireland by sad fucking listers with no fucking sense  of geography or any sense of political history and absolutely no fucking scruples.


2 responses to “Birder’s Dictionary – No1: Arse Crow

  1. Hi John,
    For my part, yes, I did go to see the ‘Arse Crow’, but, living less than 30 mins away by rail, it would have been somewhat stubborn of me not to have gone! It’s not on my list, though…

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Hi Harry, I’m not having a dig at any Irish birders… hell I’ve gone to see a few dodgy British birds, no I was having a dig at the self-styled British (and Irish) Birding Association and IQ40 club president and his retinue. I bet one or two of them are sad they never twitched the Snowy Sheathbill in 1983/4.

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