Take That

Around 10.30 last night a car drew up outside a busy Indian restaurant in Leicester and out stepped a shaven headed figure wearing a hoodie. There were no paparazzi around as the hooded figure had a quiet fag. Diners were unaware they were about to be part of ornithological history. Fag ground into the gutter the hooded figure, Rob Fray, entered the Taj Mahal and approached a group of male diners… the first time since their split a few years ago that all the Leicester Llamas had shared the same room. At first tension was in the air as Rob sat away from his fellow Llamas, brother Richard (the Gallaghers have nothing on these two) and Andy Mackay.

Like all reunions this year, Take That et al, getting all three together required a lot of negotiation, about a week, and it seemed that Robbie would keep everyone guessing right to the end. He had, frustratingly, only left Sumburgh late in the evening and was whisked by limo from Birmingham Airport to the restaurant. Birders held their breath as a a few terse phone calls were received and right up to the last minute no-one thought it would really happen.

Aware of the magnitude of the occasion it was agreed  to head to a pub for a more relaxed atmosphere. And then it happened, the years rolled away as the Llamas posed for photos for the first time since 2002. As you can see, after the split some tensions still remained.

Finally however the tensions melted away and they were back on form, laughing and joking and planning an assault on the IQ40 club. Move over Mr White, these cats really have the cream…


5 responses to “Take That

  1. Fantastic can we look forward to the fruits of this long-awaited reunion turning up on a blog somewhere? Will there be a tour or is it early days? Andy need to get out more, all that time in rehab has left him ghostly white. Great scoop John.

  2. Excellent, John. I was pissing myself reading this! Thanks for sorting the evening out – a fine time was had by all as usual!

  3. You’re right, Alan, although I do live in Leicester, whereas Richard of course has constant sun in Arizona and Rob’s apparent tan is probably more due to the wind rather than the sun!

  4. thedrunkbirder

    Alan, due to prior commitments two of the Llamas will be heading North to Shetland this weekend. Due to prior commitments Andy can’t make the trip. I doubt we’re at the stage of getting a tour off the ground and I think that the Llamas website will remain mothballed. There may be the chance of a one-off bit of work getting posted on the net but I don’t want to raise expectations too high at this stage… things are still delicate and I’m sure everyone will allow the boys their privacy at this very emotional time.

  5. Just wanted to say ‘ta’ for the invite last night John….[i enjoyed having the occasional rant along with the curry]….! Was good to see Richard after all this time and i hope his ‘hummingbird charity thing’ gets off the ground…sounds excellent…..!

    ps…managed a few quick words with ‘Robbie’ fagging it on doorstep before i left….[and i apologized to him for my early departure by explaining that i turn into a fuckin pumpkin if i don’t get me dose of prescription drugs by midnight]…actually…i turn into a howling wolf….

    pps…hope all goes as well as can be expected today with the Fray twins…sympathies from the L3 n all that…..

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