IQ40 Club/British Birdspotters Association Accept Snowy Sheathbill onto British and Irish British List

Almost 30 years on from it’s miraculous appearance in Plymouth the Snowy Sheathbill has finally been accepted onto Category A of the British and Irish British Birdspotting list. El Presidente LRG Ego said ‘it was time to re-evaluate the record that has languished in Category E for so long as new evidence has come to light about the species dispersal habits.’ His panel of ID consultants who remain a mystery felt that the ID was proven beyond all reasonable doubt and that short of flying, hoping on a ship is the easiest way to move around at sea. Ships also mean that for short-distance migrants that might be put off by long crossings or unfavourable winds have unfettered access to the North Atlantic.

Snowy Sheathbill

LRG Ego went on to say that ‘just because a bird has been fed we shouldn’t dismiss its credentials after all hordes of Robin Strokers feed the birds in their gardens and no-one bats an eyelid.’

Britain and Irelands top British lister Barry Bagshot remembers his parents taking him to Plymouth to welcome back the Royal Navy Task Force when he was in his pram, ‘everybody was going bananas, totally mental, as the ships rolled in and the Sheathbill just flew ashore… it was amazing, well… so my Mum tells me. I was in my pram but hey I saw it and that’s what counts. Isn’t it?’ Bagshot has now adjusted his lists and now has 501 species. ‘Well he said’ philosophically ‘the House Crow was pushing it a bit.’

The British and Irish British List now stands at 654, 655, 656, ah who cares!


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