In The Pink

An unpromising day to do any vismigging this morning but seeing as I hadn’t been arsed to join the masses slogging along Blakeney Point for the Many Flycatcher I thought I should do a bit of work down in the Soar Valley. Dave had surprisingly chickened out of the Flycatcher as well so we rendezvoused at Micky D’s at Red Hill for a spot of breakfast before birding.

Hopes were raised when a few Meadow Pipits went south. 153 Golden Plover went north in five flocks… things were looking up. A phone call from Steve Lister had us peering into the gloom to the North as he had a small flock of Pink-footed Geese going East. I did pick up a flock of 28 Grey Geese but they were very distant. Another call, Steve had just had 145 more. A few minutes after Dave picked up a flock of approx 160 heading East and much closer. They must have passed over Wanlip North/Cossington South and these were clearly Steve’s birds… did the 13 earlier birds join up as 158 and 160 seem pretty damned coincidental.

Not long after a Great Spotted Woodpecker went SW, this bird was tracked for well over a mile distance and ignored every tree before it disappeared from view. A solitary Redwing also pointed to the incoming winter visitors we can expect as the winds swing Easterly next week.

Late news of an Arctic Skua at Cropston didn’t lead to anything over the valley. I had high hopes for a seabird today. A coffee and check of Swithland Reservoir produced bugger all. Even the very low water levels didn’t reveal a single wader.

Full count on Trektellen.


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