Yellow-bellied Birder

With reports of a Empidonax Flycatcher at Blakeney Point a few fellow birders got in touch about going. Being as I was enjoying a few beers at The Great Central Railway beer festival I demurred.

The reasons were a. I couldn’t be arsed getting there, it’s a fucking slog I have no desire to do ever again. b. Unless its caught I can’t see ID being clinched – not having a go at anyone it’s just Empidonax ID is a nightmare. It’s already been Alder, Willow, Acadian, and now Yellow-bellied Flycatcher and again back to Alder/Willow. c. The place will be full of the braying twats who post all their shit on Bird Forum demanding to know either what it is or where its gone (as it could potentially bugger off).

I’ll join Dave in a bit hoping for a Gannet over the Soar Valley.


2 responses to “Yellow-bellied Birder

  1. Arthur Name

    Is it ok if I say FUCK Birdforum on here, they won’t allow me to say it on their site. It’s no wonder all the outspoken birders have gone, jumped or pushed? All that’s left is a wasteland populated by TWATS. Is it ok to say that too? Please don’t ban me, love the blog. X

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Swearing is positively encouraged here… come on board!

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