Driven by the desire to go and find some rares, Leigh and I hopped on the boat to St Martin’s yesterday and away from the crowds. In 2 hours we covered about 500m from the boat. Plenty of common migrants, probably the best showing for Spotted Flycatcher, Pied Flycatcher and Redstart I’ve ever had on Scilly. The elusive rare just wasn’t there to be found… not by us anyway.

A Tawny Pipit was found but as it was near the quay we didn’t rush. Predictably the bird had flushed, by a dog-walker and wasn’t relocated. We had to make do with views of the American Golden Plover in v. strong sunlight – not ideal.

We did briefly locate one good bird, the putative tundra Peregrine that had been found by Dick Filby last week on Tresco. A very distinctive bird that’s for sure.

Our final find was a gorgeous Clouded Yellow by the Lower Town Quay.

Pied Flycatcher, Little Arthur Farm


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