Spent the day on St Mary’s today trying to find rares. After twitching the Common Rosefinch on the Tremethelen Trail I headed off to Porth Hellick, as I approached the track to Salakee Farm a small pipit flew up and into a thick Pittosporum hedge. Front on it showed very strong, clean breast and flank streaks and it repeatedly pumped its tail down. My heart started pounding; I called Desert Storm Petrel back as he’d just passed heading to the Grot Finch. At first I was unable to locate the bird but Neil soon refound it and it was showing better. Streaked mantle, no ear covert spot, oh well a Tree Pipit after all. Still a trip tick!

I moved on chancing in on a Firecrest at the seaward end of Higher Moors and moved round to Carn Friars where the sole remaining Little Bunting was dutifully shuffling around in the grass.


Little Bunting

Little Bunting


Neil had rejoined me so we headed back over Giant’s Castle and the Airfield to meet Leigh for lunch in the Old Town Cafe and look at the American Golden Plover.


American Golden Plover


Leigh and I then headed over to Penninis Head to catch up with one of the Wryneck. A couple of Black Redstart messed about on the rocks near the allotments.




After a chat with Ken Roberts our final destination before the pub was onto the Garrison for another look a the Western Black-eared Wheatear. On the way up Leigh got us onto a Grasshopper Warbler feeding brazenly on the path, it turned out to have a damaged left wing but even to it allowed a very close approach we couldn’t take it into care. It, thankfully, moved into thicker cover though we didn’t fancy its chances of surviving.




A Snow Bunting had also taken up residence by the Wheatear but was a bugger to see well-looking into the light. Final spot of the day was this splendid Clouded Yellow.


Clouded Yellow




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