Something Else You Can’t Buy on ebay…


Ok, I’ll admit I was up far too early this morning and was a bit bored so I surfed over to Garry Bagnell’s birding blogspot. Scrolling down I came upon this cracker of a post.

It would seem that the Leicester Llama and I have jumped to conclusions again as Mr Evans does not call himself President of the BBA… well don’t I feel the fool?


6 responses to “Something Else You Can’t Buy on ebay…

  1. He certainly has referred to himself as President of the BBA in the past – see here for example:

  2. thedrunkbirder

    He’s like Silvio Berlusconi!

  3. But without the vast fortune and attractiveness to women….

  4. Nice to see that spending vast amounts of time and money chasing everyone else’s finds qualifies as an ‘achievement’ under BBA/400 Club definitions.

  5. jonathan williams

    Oh but you could have bought it on e bay!! Right click on the photo of the certificate on the blog and you can easily create an advert for it on e bay. Unfortunately you cannot sell it from France to the UK which was enormously frustrating as I was within one mouse click of having it on e bay!! Those with a UK e bay account may have more success……

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