Gonna Take You To A Gugh Bar

On Wednesday 13 October we headed off to St Agnes, mainly for a pastie and so I could claim to have gone from just about as far North to as far South as it’s possible to travel in Great Britain. Oh and to see if we could find some rare birds on Gugh.


Gugh Boating Association


The first bird I had in The Plantation was a Woodcock that flushed under my feet. A few other migrants including a Reed Warbler and what at first seemed like the ‘sharming’ call of a Water Rail. This call seemed very out of place on Gugh as it was close at times (2-3ft) and in dense Bracken and Bramble. Mark Golley was with me at the time and as the bird seemed to respond to Water Rail we sort of left it at that. Yesterday however I got into a discussion based on being asked about other calls made by Corncrakes. Birdguides Birds of Britain and Northern Europe app seems to suggest in the Concise BWPi description that Corncrake can make a squealing pig call in winter. I would be very interested to hear this.




Little else on Gugh apart from a few old Waxcap mushrooms so we adjourned to the Turks Head for food and beer with chips as antipastie.


Pastie and Antipastie



2 responses to “Gonna Take You To A Gugh Bar

  1. John. You might not have seen many birds, but I’m losing track of how many ‘famous’ birders you’ve managed to name drop this week !!

  2. Nice one Mark! hahaha

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