Looking At Things Differently

Thanks to Martin Garner and his Birding Frontiers I have fallen through the trap door of looking more closely at commoner species to see if I can pick up anything new… I have also clapped eyes on and discussed with Dick Filby his tundra Peregrine… now that is different!

Today whilst waiting for a Redstart to do its feeding circuit I turned the digiscope on these 1W Oystercatcher on Porth Low beach.


One response to “Looking At Things Differently

  1. It’s a good trap to fall into John…and i wish that more folk would look more closely at commoner stuff. In fact…that’s part of the problem with all the shit records we are getting these days…

    ps..here’s a ‘for instance’:
    i’ve been watching a lot of common buzzards lately and the other day noted an individual which appeared very ‘honey like’…with tail noticeably longer than accompanying buzzards. It had me goin for a bit and it was amazing how the birds shape changed as it soared into the wind with tail closed…[but it was just a juv common on closer inspection]….!

    Now on a quick fly-by it could have been recorded differently…[and yes…i still need honey for the county]…! One day….

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