Possible Eastern Yellow Wagtail

Three more sequences of the possible Eastern Yellow Wagtail at Pelistry Farm, St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly. Taken by Neil Howes on 15 October 2010. Sadly the bird isn’t heard to call. Looking at these there appears to be a total lack of yellow and green in the plumage though in reality it did appear to show yellow tones in the vent/UTC.

There was also a suggestion of green in the wings.

Any thoughts?



2 responses to “Possible Eastern Yellow Wagtail

  1. There was definitely a yellowish wash to the tertial fringes. Smart bird though. Gun metal.

  2. An interesting looking bird, I don’t think the presence of yellow/green is good for “eastern” yellow wag. I thought they were generally grey and white without yellow or contrast in the grey parts ?

    I had an all grey yellow wag on my patch this autumn, it had a very feint yellow wash to the undertail coverts tho. Also it’s upperparts were not true grey-grey, they were more of an olive-grey with a contrasting greyer rump, I put this down as a possible blue-headed wag….

    Pics are here….


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