What The Fuck Have You Done?

As if the population of Britain don’t already think we’re twats for watching birds then check out this piece of shit article from the Daily Express. I cannot believe that the three featured numpties have allowed the Express to (I assume) misquote them in such a way. I use bird spotting as a fucking joke, I hope to god none of these three ever fucking used it in an interview.

The only thing missing from this piece of utter shite is any reference to Lady/Princess Diana…


16 responses to “What The Fuck Have You Done?

  1. Don’t worry John the news media is always wrong! But I’m a bit surprised with Brett being quoted! And is there a connection with accountants and twitchers?!

  2. Why the shock at Brett Dave? A well respected Lincolnshire birder was once heard to say “Brett Richards should have gone up with the other fruitcakes at Waco”

  3. thedrunkbirder

    Dave, I have always been a bit worried by Brett, I’m sure he’s a good sea-watcher but there are too many claims of unusual Shearwaters that I’ve just stopped giving them credence. I know you like sea-watching but let’s be honest there’s just something not right about splitting ‘commic’ Terns over Dogger Bank…

  4. thedrunkbirder

    Just looking at some of the search engine terms that have brought people to my blog today. One was ‘garry bagnell lady di’ the other funnier one was ‘david gray wanker’…

  5. Hi John, Do the quotes really sound that unlikely? I could be wrong but they all sounded believable to me (except for the underestimate of the cost of Barry’s twitching). I will be interested to hear what the quoted guys say about the article. However, how could you possibly lead a ‘normal’ life with non-cancellable commitments etc and get to 500 so quickly? When Barry started his thread on bf I couldn’t help but think the programme would portray twitchers as obsessed oddballs. It should be an entertaining watch for the reat of us but I think it will reinforce the public’s existing view of twitchers. After all, what would be the liklihood of the TV company making a programme about some sensible guys with balanced lives and an ordinary hobby? Better not to worry about it mate and let folks enjoy their birding in whatever unusual ways they want to. Keep up the good work! Br, Mike

  6. thedrunkbirder

    Hi Mike, I was pointed towards the article from Barry Gagnell’s website so I guess he’s ok with it…

  7. Pretty much what I’d expect from the tabloids, and I doubt whether the three twitchers concerned were misquoted to any great degree. And as Mike says, the media aren’t interested in ‘ordinary’ birders any more than they’re interested in npower League Two footballers who don’t drink, take drugs or have sex with prostitutes and go to bed with a cup of cocoa and a good book at 9 o’clock every night.

  8. thedrunkbirder

    I’m surprised you’re aware of npower League Two Andy… I thought you’d still be a good old fashioned Division 4 man like myself!

  9. I did actually put ‘fourth division’ at first, but then thought I ought to go and check what it was really called these days!

  10. thedrunkbirder

    Nah – stick with what we know… like the British and Irish list!

  11. John I’ve always thought I was wanker any way! 😉

  12. I don’t see what’s wrong with the article. I did exactly the same thing as Bagnell – yomped to the end of Blakeney Point and then went to Tiree the next day. GRIP OFF

  13. Tim Allwood

    this documentary is going to be toe-curlingly embarrassing. Much worse than being caught wanking by your girlfriend’s mum, I’d imagine… Shame it’s so accurate.

    Fair dos to the production team -they couldn’t have chosen better material.

  14. thedrunkbirder

    Classic clip Tim!

    I know that Dave but I hope to fuck you never talked about spotting the Parula… or Traill’s Flycatcher? You must be desperate for news in the US if you think that article is any good!

  15. Granada TV’s WATCHING hardly did us any favours…….

    It’s a big ASK* for people to suddenly stop thinking that birders are odd obsessives creeping around in bushes in dirty coats, and instread consider it to be the ‘new’ rock’n’roll.

    * and yes, I know how much you hate that phrase!!

    My US trip list mostly involves sodding House Sparrows and Starlings…….

  16. Come to think of it, maybe better to be considered weird. Can you imagine what we would be saying if folks thought that birding was cool and all the eejuts presently rubbing their two brain cells together, happily confined to golf courses, gyms, betting shops, shopping centres etc decided to go birding at weekends. It would be like hell.

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