Back To Life

Ok boys and girls – enough of the rough stuff and back to birding. I was just having a trawl around the internet this morning and came across this superb article on Lanceolated Warbler ID by Martin Garner on Birdguides*.

Martin discusses not only the ID of Lancy, including a possibly new ID criteria tertial overhang – read the article you’ll be enlightened, but also the pressure he felt to get the ID right and not be rushed… after my Shetland experience this is a lesson I learned the hard way!

*You may need to register with Birdguides to view this article… you should anyway!

PS – The Drunkbirder has a slightly different name for ‘Nils’ and wouldn’t want to comment on the new verb that could be made from it. To be fair some of my ID criteria wouldn’t make a ‘From The BBRC Files’ article. I give you an ID feature for the supercillium on Sykes’s Warbler… ‘it fades out like a sad dribble of spunk.’


One response to “Back To Life

  1. I’m not registered with birdguides but presume the sentiments of article are along the same lines as his ‘Tory Warbler’ bit on birding frontiers…? [ie….’stay cool under pressure’]etc….very wise words….easier said than done however…!!
    Even the those who we would regard as the best of birders have succumbed to ‘the pressure’ at some point in their careers…with the inevitable result..a fuckin big cock-up….

    So sit on that fence until your eye’s water [re ID] and ignore the over eager cries from those around you i say…if one can….

    That’s the bastard trouble these days…far tooo many folk wanna hit the ‘rare button’…[for obvious reasons]…and nine times out o ten it’s something common that’s been seen or heard inadequately….

    I blame global warming…..

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