You may have Noticed…

That some posts have been removed/amended. I have been in discussions with the owner of BirdForum and one of his moderators over the past few days and I have come to the following conclusions: that while I felt my comments were witty they have caused grave offence to owners/moderators of BF and a large number of their members. It was never my intention to personally insult anyone at or on BF and for the simple fact that I have, I am truly sorry. It wasn’t meant personally but I can fully understand why it was felt to be personal. The reasons for my jokes about BF were as an angry response to posters who invariably hide behind pseudonyms attacking the finders of rare birds and potential rare birds without any good reason.

As we all know it is very easy to sit back and fire off a comment (however ill-advised) and wait for it to descend into a slanging match, something I have certainly learned at great personal cost this week. What some posters might fail to realise is that the finders of rare birds or probable rare birds face a lot of dilemmas before releasing news. Access is usually a thorny subject. Identification is always going to be tricky as no-one is seriously going to put out news of a Locustella Warbler, probably rare and not expect flak. If you find a clear Empidonax Flycatcher no matter what it turns out to be you’ve found a mega and the only thing you can then be slagged off for is sitting on news.

So, as I sit here typing this apology, just remember we are all human and we all make mistakes. You might get slagged off for not releasing news of rare birds as quickly as some might like but you won’t get slagged off too much if you’re a bit slower with that derogatory comment.

There may be some out there that think well great, thanks for that but what about apologising to us for having a pop at us on your blog. To those people I would say this, put your head above the parapet and be prepared to be shot at (metaphorically speaking before some of you think that should be a literal interpretation). I’m more than happy to have people make fun of me in return, in fact do it on my blog. Life is too short to stay too serious. Also if you see me out and about rather than try and take my head off as some have threatened why not come over and chat, we won’t always see eye to eye but I don’t hold grudges and I’d rather try and have a laugh and a chat than not.


8 responses to “You may have Noticed…

  1. Daft CUNT!

  2. It’s fact that people hide behind pseudonyms is the only thing that has always got me about these forums. If they have the ‘balls’ to make a derogatory statement of any kind, they should have the ‘balls’ to stop hiding… glad to hear you have kissed and made up though 😉 Does this mean your back on Birdforum then?

  3. thedrunkbirder

    I don’t know Dougie. I haven’t honestly done it for that. I’ve done because after talking to some of those behind BF they are good people who feel their work and business is being slighted which wasn’t what I had intended. I did used to enjoy some of the banter on there.

  4. thedrunkbirder

    Mark, enough was enough. I’ve spoken at length with Steve the owner on the phone and I felt it was the right thing to do.

    I was getting a bit sick of the Paramilitary Wing of Birding (mostly not BF members either) who I think were being whipped up by someone else, making stupid threats.

  5. Following some of my own ill-advised posting on BF, I now have some of the same (I presume) cyber-c*nts leaving anonymous comments on my blog that are designed to wind me up. If people are not prepared to leave their name, then I just delete it. I’m not prepared to take shit from internet tossers who don’t even have the balls to say who they are. There will always be people on the net like this, keyboards turn them into idiots, I am sure it is not restricted to birding forums.

  6. Andy Lawson

    Maaaate! Locustella was my fuck up! It was dark by the time you and Dave got there.

  7. In addition to the well-known phenomenon of anonymity allowing people to say things they normally wouldn’t online, another problem rarely acknowledged is that Internet forums (of all kinds, not just birding) throw together all sorts of people who would normally avoid each other like the plague. ‘Birds of a feather’ etc, etc. So what may be hilarious between you and a few like-minded friends who you’ve known for years may be completely unfunny, or worse downright offensive to others (as in this case and also the ‘Braunstone row’ that spelt the end of your old blog!). Most of the time I’d say fuck ’em, but when it degenerates into threats being made it’s probably time to back off.

  8. thedrunkbirder

    Andy L – I wasn’t referring particularly to THAT Locustella it was a metaphorical one to emphasise that there are some not rare Locustellas in the UK but no non rare Empids…

    Jonathan, I hope my rants haven’t been partly responsible for your troubles. The renegades don’t seem to have too much to do with BF as I sent IP addresses etc to BF and only one was a member who did back off.

    Mr Llama – how right you are!

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