Frankly, Mr Shankly

Looks like the Franklin’s Gull that popped up in Derbyshire last night has done a bunk. Despite roosting within spitting distance of Leicestershire the hoped for gull didn’t turn up at Albert Village Lake for Dave Gray. It was clearly worth a punt but my guess would be that rather than scavenging a tip with the bigger Gulls a Franklin’s* will be following a plough somewhere with a flock of Black-heads. Bloody hell that sounds like a rather nasty condition for a Franklin’s Gull to suffer from.

Further afield, I guess I have to hope that the American Bittern at Trewey Common near Zennor survives/sticks around long enough for me to twitch it without the risk of a lynch mob waiting for me…

* It seems like the Franklin’s Gull is back at Willington Gravel Pits, which might prove my theory that it’s not bothered by the tip.


4 responses to “Frankly, Mr Shankly

  1. Sounds like it’s been kicked from pond to gorse bush all day by fuck-witted morons. One to avoid this weekend I think – hope it sticks/survives or is re-found when it relocates somewhere less sensitive.

  2. Sounds like the equivalent to the Hallaton bottle kicking event with that bird…poor bastard…!

    ps…perhaps ‘bittern-booting’ could become an annual thing. Round up all the aforementioned ‘fuck-witted morons’ and let em kick a barrel tarred with feathers down a hillside….

    pps….not forgetting to fill the barrel beforehand with explosives and dog shit… naturally….

  3. thedrunkbirder

    Hmmm just reading the thread on BF – can’t post obviously but at least I can still read the threads – and I do wonder about some of the so-called ‘birders’ of today. I wonder if they’d heard I was an American Bittern?

    If it survives the weekend I hope to go down late next week if you’re interested.

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