An American Bittern in Cornwall

First found last week on Trewey Common near Zennor the American Bittern relocated to the CWBPS reserve at Walmsley Sanctuary. I had planned a 2am start and set my alarm for 1.20am however my sleep was disturbed at 0.20am by a text from Dave Mack saying he’d set off – cheers Dave… NOT!

Oh well we made good time down to Wadebridge and were in a packed hide as dawn broke… well she would have had it not been so damp and miserable. By about 7.20 though we were elated as the bird showed well from the Tower Hide for a good 10 mins on and off.

Giving people a chance we moved round to the Public Hide and at 8.45 Dave Gray picked up the bird, much closer than before. It could be a bugger to see when it stopped moving – the bird’s head and neck ARE visible in this footage.

Did you find it?

We got chatting to Adrian Kettle who had come back for and got better views than last weekends flight views. Adrian was bemoaning a lack of music recently on the blog so, Adrian, here’s a bit of Creedence Clearwater Revival.

For fans of the film that inspired the title here’s a gem of a trailer…


3 responses to “An American Bittern in Cornwall

  1. Thanks bugger that it stayed. Killer views from the Public hide, courtesy of a sharp-eyed Grayboy. Shame that this twitch was completely devoid of pies or any commemorative shortcrust pastry bonanza…….

  2. Jenny Agutter hmmmmhm nice!

  3. thedrunkbirder

    I was very disappointed you didn’t know of any pie emporiums down there Dave…

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