I’d organised this morning to take newbie birder Jonny Wood out locally to get him a bit more experience. My plans to start at Watermead Country Park were dashed late afternoon yesterday when a Lesser Yellowlegs was found at Rutland Water. It was a bit too late to get there last night so rather than Jonny doing any kind of birding apprenticeship it was of for some gratuitous twitching.

Thankfully the Lesser Yellowlegs was obliging and we enjoyed great views… it was getting a lot of hassle from the local Redshanks mind.

The Avocet was also still hanging around as Jonny’s lifelist grew quickly.

We headed back to Cossington Meadows as I still needed to get the Bearded Tits on my Soar Valley year and lifelists. After a bit of a wait we finally managed to get the Beardies close in but sadly photos were out of the question as they just wouldn’t pose. Plenty of shots of reeds but no Reedlings.

As we headed back via the Moat a skein of 60 odd Pink-footed Geese wink-winked their way SE towards Norfolk at 12.40.

Neatly tying together Beards and Legs are Texas’s finest ZZ Top, here performing Legs

and my favourite Sharp Dressed Man.

Tres Hombres!



8 responses to “Legs

  1. Is that Lesser Yellowlegs yet another decent county bird you’ve managed to get back on me then?

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Oh yes!

  3. First rule of the twitching apprenticeship – fill in the crap later.

  4. Thou shalt not call Bearded Tit Bearded Reedling, no matter what the BOU tell you….

  5. John you Tart on both accounts!

  6. ZZ Top? Fucking hell John, I thought you knew better than that.

  7. thedrunkbirder

    What about Parrotbill Andy?

    Rob, nowt wrong wi’ a bit o’ Top!

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