John 90

Exciting news was released today, the new Joe 90 live-action film is going to star The Drunkbirder as the eponymous Joe 90. Details of the script are being kept a tight secret but this website can exclusively reveal that Joe 90 will be out to smash a year-listing gang who have been stringing various rarities in Britain.

Joe will get the full contents of BWPi, The Collins Bird Guide and Sibley implanted in his brain via his father Ian ‘Mac’ McClaine’s latest invention, the “BIG RAT” (Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record And Transfer), a machine capable of recording knowledge and experience from leading experts in various fields and transferring it to another human brain.

Joe 90 in BIG RAT

Other news surrounding the film is that brothers Charlie and Craig Reid of The Proclaimers will play Mac, Joe 90’s father.

Charlie and Craig Reid

Joe 90 will also be able to get to twitches in one of Mac’s other inventions the Jet Air Car, this will save Joe 90 precious time trying to get on Charters when a mega breaks on Tiree and allow him to be there ahead of the stringers. Joe 90 will commit to memory all the birders attending twitches to eliminate cheating which is expected to reach levels of 14% by 2011.

Joe and Mack arrive at the Pacific Swift twitch!

The Drunkbirder will finally have to get his hair dyed blonde, something he has always resisted even in his mid 80s Duran Duran phase. Filming starts in Ireland next May.


2 responses to “John 90

  1. Is Milan running the Organization now lol??
    Good win yesterday for your boys.

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Maybe Dick. He still faces court as far as I know. I’m very sceptical of the whole thing…

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