Flush Mob

Shocking news, the RSPB has been accused of organising a Flush Mob. Dr Mark Avery, Conservation Director has been caught red-handed organising the mob to flush a rare Surfin’ Bird. Surfin Birds are the Pacific counterpart to our familiar Purple Sandpiper. At the moment the report is being suppressed by the RSPB though looking at this footage it looks like the bird may be present at the RSPB headquarters, The Lodge at Sandy in Bedfordshire.

That the Western Palearctic’s first record has been found in a land-locked county is absolutely staggering.

Seriously, the RSPB are getting behind the campaign to keep the X-Factor off the No1 spot. A very worthy cause indeed. Please help the RSPB by logging on to iTunes or visiting the facebook page to help.

When asked for a comment The Drunkbirder was roused from his drunken slumber to shout ‘Simon Cowell what a cunt! Fuck that fucking Matt Cardigan… ‘scuse me mate, ‘ave yer got 20p for a cuppa coffee?’


One response to “Flush Mob

  1. What the fuck!!!

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