Empress Doesn’t Impress

I tried again for Waxwing this morning for the Soar Valley Yearlist. My first stop was Sileby Road, Barrow-upon-Soar. No sign of any Waxwing here but plenty of Redwing and a nice female Brambling with the local Chaffinches. The Brambling was a nice bonus and took me to 149 for the year. Could I find any Waxwings?

I moved on to Loughborough and tried round the Empress Road/Great Central Road area with no success. As I stopped at the T junction with the A60 (the border for the recording area I spotted a load of berry laden trees along Freehold Street and what was gorging on the berries – you guessed it, 30+ Waxwings. Bugger it, outside the area. Undaunted I drove across but not before the flock took flight back over the car and in to the Soar Valley. Yes! Heading back up Empress Road I was unable to relocate any of them. I did manage to locate one on Wolsey Way/Holbein Close but this soon headed off.

Bored of freezing my nuts off I headed back home via Barrow but still no sign of any birds there. Oh well, 150 for the year, and I thought 140 would be tough. There’s still a chance of a couple more species but it’s doubtful I’ll add much new now before years end. I would like to thank everyone who’s found birds and gotten news out quickly, especially my challenger Dave.


2 responses to “Empress Doesn’t Impress

  1. You did well to see so many birds in the Soar Valley.
    I have enjoyed your blog thank you
    I wish you a happy Christmas

  2. 140 not bad for single site.. even by South American standards. However, one need not to travel far for a completely different set of birds. We had 780 species on a recent 3 week trip through Ecuador and Northern Peru…

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