Lack Of Posts

Any regular reader will be as acutely aware as I am that I haven’t posted on here for an age. Why? Well, that’s hard to say really. Things have been very quiet on the birding front for a start, more seriously though is a bit of lack of interest in anything funny to say. If I do want a rant, I tend to do it on facebook these days so join me over there to see what I’m up to and what in the news has really wound me up, if you do want to be a facebook friend, a request just won’t do, send me a message so I don’t clog up with time wasters who might well complain and get me thrown off. You can always follow me on twitter but I’ve posted nothing on there and won’t ever so that’s of little interest.


7 responses to “Lack Of Posts

  1. Your writing and photographs have given me a lot of pleasure and amusement, thank you.
    I will follow you on face book .

  2. Call that an age? Lightweight – I hadn’t posted anything on my blog for over a month (for similar reasons + general midwinter lethargy) till last night!

  3. thedrunkbirder

    I’m sure I’ll post more at some point… just need to see a few birds. Now where’s that Slaggy-arsed Gull or whatever the fucking thing is called…

  4. Cheer up mate, hopefully something nice will turn up within striking distance soon, even if only some waxwings. How about dredging up some old music clips? There’s an unlimited supply and there is no reason why;) br, Mike

  5. Hi John
    I sent a F/Book request but could not send a mssge !! I had noticed your lack of suave and sophisticated banter on your Blog so looking forward to more on F/Book.
    ps Give Milan the benefit of the doubt, he did us ok at LCFC in the long run.

  6. Birding blogs are so last decade. Give it up now John, whilst you still can.

  7. Having said that, Facebook is shit too. So is Twitter. Actually, Twitter is much worse – empty vessels and all that. I’d just get on with having a life if I was you.

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