Music For My Funeral

Don’t worry, I’m only just back on my blog but this was inspired by a conversation I was having a few days ago and then hearing belatedly about Mick Karn’s death. The conversation was around what records you’d want playing at your funeral and why…

Ok first song, the one everyone files into the crematorium to, I hate religion so whoever has to organise my funeral needs to know – no fucking religion – if I’m going anywhere after and I fucked up and there is a god, I’d rather be in hell. Heaven sounds too fucking dull for me. Right back to the music… my first piece would be a classical piece by Holst – Mars: Bringer Of War. Why? Because it’s just so wrong for a funeral.

Next up comes I Wanna Be Adored by the Stone Roses. Not only a classic but I’m human and just like anyone else – I do want to be adored. We all do, you know we do, I just accept that fact…

My third track, as the curtains to the furnace are closing, Should I Stay Or Should I Go by The Clash. The Clash are my favourite band but at such a critical time in a funeral service it should provide a laugh.

If you want to sing along…

And so, the curtains have closed and you’re about to head for the pub, well I’ve one more song up my sleeve – No Fun, the Sex Pistols cover. Why? Well when this version was recorded at The Winterland in 1978 the band were collapsing, Lydon quit afterwards and Sid wasn’t long for the world but the main reason is Johnny Rotten’s opening remarks ‘You’ll get one number, and one number only, cos I’m a lazy bastard.’ and the closing comments ‘Aha ha! Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?… Good night.’


5 responses to “Music For My Funeral

  1. From this to selling Anchor !!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    How dare you… I’d never do advertising!

  3. Of course not !!! I was talking in Cockeneye Rhyming Slang !! lol

  4. New Face in Hell – The Fall

  5. Is this the death of the drunkbirder?!

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