Short-staffed Treecreeper

Well unless the Short-toed Treecreeper at Languard in Suffolk stays another week – highly unlikely – it will remain a big omission from my list. I’ve twitched a few before to the always desolate and always fucking birdless Dungeness (for me anyway, Dunge and I seem to have dipping issues) and dipped. This time despite work/family commitments I was hopeful that today I’d break my duck. Instead I’m typing this bitter missive from my desk at work.

As I do the work rota I had initially taken today off as time off in-lieu. Because a colleague was a bit short-sighted and had booked themselves on my booked Saturday (we run a skeleton crew on Saturdays) I changed my own weekend on duty – has anyone ever tried to discuss leave with a parent? Don’t it’s a fucking nightmare and suffice to say I have no sympathy for fucking whinging, working parents who are self-centred pricks on the whole. Don’t agree? Well you’re probably one of the wankers I hate!

Rant over, I decided to save my TOIL and not have a day off only to have to return to work the following day – it all seemed so sensible. Yesterday I went to see my manager to reinstate my TOIL day but thanks to sickness/annual leave she now couldn’t grant my day off. She was very and genuinely sorry but that really doesn’t help me now. It’s not like I could even throw a sicky, that would look too obvious.

I really should stop worrying about my British list, I’ve seen tons of Short-toed Treecreeper just over the Channel near Calais. They’re not even that interesting. the good thing was that a nice Great Grey Shrike has been showing well close by and there was the chance to pop in to Lackford Lakes SWT to have look at the probable Baltic Gull.

Why oh why do I care? I know you don’t… bastards!


3 responses to “Short-staffed Treecreeper

  1. I don’t even care about my own British list, let alone anyone else’s! But since you’ve brought up the subject, I do feel duty bound to make the obligatory ‘tart’ comment, and point out that I saw Short-toed Treecreeper at Sandwich Bay over 20 years ago (1988 to be precise). I didn’t even have to twitch it, as I was staying at the obs for a week, and it reappeared briefly while I was there (having been trapped a few days previously). Most of the ‘top twitchers’ still needed it at the time – the first mass-twitched birds weren’t until 1990/91. It must be the only time I’ve ever been one up on the likes of Chris Heard, who I remember was amongst the dippers the following day!

  2. jonathan lethbridge

    John, I forced myself to go and see it, and was predicatably underwhelmed. Were it not for a nice afternoon on the beach and a picnic it would have been an utter waste of time. There are about a million birds I would rather see first. Don’t beat yourself up about it, you are missing dick all, and saving £3,421.18 in petrol at the same time.

  3. thedrunkbirder

    So I can’t tempt you out for a days birding on Sunday then Andy?

    Jono, I’ve a diesel so it’s considerably more efficient and will probably only cost me £3419.24. this though would be considerably off set by the cost of pies/pasties/chips and McDonalds lattes!

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