Serial Killer

Last year a colleague found a dead female Bullfinch outside the front door at work that I photographed. As I was eating my lunch another colleague told me that another Bullfinch was dead in the very same place.

I went to investigate and sure enough it was another freshly dead female. Like any good detective, I trampled over any evidence and moved the corpse – to a better area for photography.

This surely cannot now be coincidence and I am concerned that there is an avian serial killer on the loose in Narborough. His or her MO seems to target single female Bullfinch. Barwick Wanks from Songbird Survival fears rogue Red Kite are responsible. Kate Grumble of the RSPB was too busy lambing to comment.

Leicestershire Police are advising all female Bullfinch to stay at home or take a male with them if they do need to go out. A spokesman said that ‘until this senseless murderer was caught no female songbird was safe.’




One response to “Serial Killer

  1. thedrunkbirder

    Just reading back through my blog and it was Claire who found both dead female Bullfinch in the same place last year’s was 13 April 2010. Working on the principle that the killer revisits the site of the killing I think Claire is going to have to be interrogated. She must have it in for female Bullfinch somehow and I need to get to the bottom of her sick secret!

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