Talking Naturally – Lesser Crested Tern in Libya

During one of our sillier moments on the Conference Calls podcast we go to talking about dictators and facial hair when I made a throwaway comment about the Lesser Crested Terns in Libya. It seems this distinct population may be at risk from the troubles in Libya. I for one wouldn’t be that flippant as to mock the suffering of the Libyan people under Gaddafi but it seems that they are not the only ones at risk. Incredibly a small population of 200 pairs nest on an islet in the city of Benghazi, stronghold of the Libyan rebels.

Lesser Crested Tern: Libya

Anyway, a listener of the podcast got in touch with Charlie and he spoke to Abdulmula Hamza a PhD student at Hull University who is coordinating the monitoring project. Please listen in.

Abdulmula Hamza


2 responses to “Talking Naturally – Lesser Crested Tern in Libya

  1. Charlie Moores

    Thanks for the link John. Cheers.

  2. Abdulmaula HAMZA

    Thanks to John for putting the link
    please any one have a sighting to email



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