Wheatear For Lunch

No I’m not French! No I would never eat Wheatear either, whether it was marinated in Armagnac or not. Unlike this fat cunt who seems to revel in the illegality of eating Ortolan Bunting.

If this disgusts you check out what the LPO (the French Birdlife International partner) are doing to stop the poaching. You can also write to the French Minister of Ecology at: Ministre de l’Ecologie, de l’Energie, du Developpment durable et de la Mer, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Hotel de Rocquelaure, 246 Bd Saint Germain, 75007 Paris, France.

You could also write to the BBC to complain about the twat!

I was intending to drop in home this lunchtime on my way to training this afternoon but a call from Dave Gray had me spending lunch with a cracking male Wheatear on Birstall Meadows. Given some of the posts a week or so ago from the Sheffield boys Mark Reeder and Martin Garner, I was minded to give this bird a good grilling but try as I might I couldn’t say that it was Greenland. It did look quite a big bird but just not bright enough for me.


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